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Zizka, Martin - Wasserbauer, Jaroslav 11:00
Sichuan Blue Whales - Xinjiang Flying Tigers 11:35
Kazakhstan (W) - Congo (W) 12:00
Zhejiang Guangsha Lions - Liaoning Flying Leopards 11:35
Guangzhou Long Lions - Ningbo Rockets 11:35
Peterson, Rebecca - Mitu, Andreea 10:15
Empoli U19 - AC Milan U19 12:00
UD Barbastro - Almeria 11:00
Yeclano Deportivo - Rayo Vallecano 11:00
Wasserbauer, Jaroslav - Musil, Josef 12:00
Busan I Park - Suwon City 10:00
Beijing Royal Fighters - Guangdong Southern Tigers 11:35
Regner, Milan - Kulhanek, Pavel 11:00
Torino U19 - Udinese U19 11:00
Juventus U19 - Lazio U19 11:00
Kulhanek, Pavel - Kolar, Milan 12:00
Smesny, Milan - Vrbecky, Daniel 09:30
Juventus U19 - Lazio U19 11:00
Deportivo La Coruña - Tenerife 11:00
Malek, Lukas - Placek, Marek 11:00
Watson, Heather - Mladenovic, Kristina 06:00
Kaisler, Vlastimil - Vanek, Josef 09:30
Pleskot, Jan - Sulava, Lubor 09:30
Empoli U19 - AC Milan U19 12:00
Smrcek, Milan - Novotny, Jaroslav 11:30
Nanjing Monkey Kings - Tianjin Pioneers 11:35
Inter U19 - Atalanta U19 12:00
Wuhan Three Towns - Pohang Steelers 12:00
Inter U19 - Atalanta U19 12:00
Torino U19 - Udinese U19 11:00
Parrizas Diaz, Nuria - Andreeva, Erika 09:10
Curmi, Francesca - Kessler, Mccartney 12:00
Alcorcón - FC Cartagena 11:00
Musil, Josef - Mista, Ondrej 11:30
Alcorcón - FC Cartagena 11:00
Kolar, Milan - Steffan, Jan 11:30
Chennai Braves - New York Strikers 11:30
Watson, Heather - Mladenovic, Kristina 06:00
Antequera CF - Huesca 11:00
Placek, Marek - Smrcek, Milan 12:00
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